All our wool products are handcrafted in the Karoo with love. If not in stock, please allow for a 2 week lead time for your purchase.

how it all started

The idea for karoofelt was born when travelling through the Karoo in April 2017. Why not in an area full of wool, create products that could empower local women to make a living and draw more attention to the incredible beauty of the area?

The products you see on our website have been created through many hands and minds: Knitting and crocheting the first item ideas, tweaking them over and over to get them right. We also received generous leather and fabric donations from a number of companies (see on the right), which we cannot thank enough for their generosity. 

The name ‘Karoofelt’ stands for the strong sense of community, which one can find in this particular region and the heartfelt warmth, with which each visitor is received. It also plays with the words of “veldt” and “felting”, which we connect with wool and the Karoo landscape. And the milkyway? Well, if you come for a visit you will just know why it had to go into our logo. 

Multiple companies came on board to help us on our feet for those first initial steps. We have received generous material donations to create our products from:

Who we are

The region we work in is rife with unemployment and work opportunities are scarce. Our concept is to find people in need, who are passionate about working with their hands, and choose to come join us. We currently have crafters working in our “karoofelt crafting spaces” in Burgersdorp and Graaff- Reinet in the Eastern Cape. 

We believe as much in the diversity of our products as the people, who craft them. See how this initiative has changed some of their lives.

How we do it

Handcrafted in rural South Africa, improving lives with every purchase you make.

Passion @ local

Passion for creating beautiful things, is what drives us. 

We continuously strive to offer you unique products, which are as special as that ‘little someone, that grows with love’.

We are also seriously passionate about supporting local businesses and aim to source our materials as much locally as we possible can. 

We love what we do and hope you do too. 


Up-Skill & Up-cycle

All our crafters are trained to ensure that you receive the best quality and keep honing their skills with every item they craft. As true mastery grows over time & with dedication. 

We are as much about up-skilling, as we love to up-cycle and be sustainable: 

Breathing new life into discarded materials such as the leather on our booties, which are off-cuts/samples from leather manufacturers.


Karoo Creation

Breathe in. You are in the Karoo.

In a day and age, where there is never enough time, we strive to create our products & still take note of the nature around us. 

Handmade is neither the fast nor the inexpensive option, but it ensures you will receive something unique, which has been especially crafted for you and your precious little one. 

Like a baby, creating something beautiful takes time.


Baby Booties

and Mini-Me Items

Musical Toys

and Plushies

Story Books

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