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from the Karoo

There is a story written in the karoo landscape. A story that wants to be told. It is hidden from the eyes of many passersby, who may only see a desert, a land to move on from to greener grounds to be found.

But it has a strange effect on those, who take the trouble to enjoy its stark beauty. It opens them up, it casts their thoughts wide and it allows them to dream. 

The starkness of the land, its beauty against the endless sky, the white fluffy clouds moving fast, when the force of the Karoo wind sets in. The multitude of large and small animals that make their busy life against all odds and with a desperate need for life. 

Life is everywhere and it is felt with undying intensity.

Here you can feel what life is about, and how we are all just a small piece in a bigger scheme of things. There have been many, who have braved the adversity and have made a life here.

Many, whose stories should be told: As in adversity blooms creativity and the people in this land hold strong at heart a genuity and kindred spirit that is seldom to be found. 

Our blog will be telling some of these stories.

Love to the Karoo

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