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A Book for a Book ‚Äď Score300

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Can you still remember the first book you were gifted? I can still remember it to this day. 

The little inscriptions on the inside cover of your favourite book, gifted by someone special, are mementos that can have a grand impact on our lives. 

COVID-19 has demonstrated more than ever how our world lives in disparity & that less privileged communities are suffering the hardest.  

Not being allowed to go to school or the SCORE Centre with their usual sports & other leisure activities has been hard for the children in the Franschhoek community. 

SCORE has been supporting approximately 300 children in the Franschhoek community with small activity packs throughout lockdown. 

The kids have loved their packs and the ECD teachers have been equally thankful for the support. 

 How fabulous would it be if every child to find their very own book in one of these packs? One for them to keep? 

From this very first spark of an idea, our Score300 initiative was born.  We love books and feel every child should be exposed to the magic of reading from as early as possible. 

While we cannot see each other much this year, at least we can share some love.  

Buy any of our Whimsical Karoo Story books and the same book will be donated to one of the Score children 

Choose between 5 great titles:

Want to add a special note to accompany your gift? (optional)

Just type your special inscription into the Order Notes field at checkout & we will make sure the child that receives your book, also receives your magic note. We are sure the children will appreciate your encouragement & kind words to accompany them for life.  

Since my childhood I have always loved reading and getting lost in another world of imagination. I decided to start writing my own stories to share with my little son and other kids around the world. These stories are inspired by the Karoo and animals in and around the region.

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The Protective Workplace ‚Äď A must see in Graaff-Reinet!

The Protective Workplace is an organization, which has been operating for more than 30 years in Graaff-Reinet. Its purpose it to ‚Äėgive hope dignity and purpose to the disabled‚Äô by assisting them with income generating activities and life skills. With the vision to create a self-sustainable project the Karoo Community Church took over the facility in April 2018 and is now working hard to establish the facility as a ‚ÄėCentre of excellence‚Äô within the Disability Sector. Trading as Boundless, the Protective Workplace currently hosts 4 key departments for income generating activities. It presently accommodates 38 beneficiaries, who work there on a daily basis:

  • Needlework/Sewing
  • Woodwork as well as sanding & minor repairs of furniture
  • Crafts (e.g. Knitting, beading, rag rugs)
  • Small tree nursery
  • Laser cutting

Need assistance with any work or want a personalised handmade give away for your company? You can approach them with any contractual work, that requires basic hand skills or fits with what the above core departments do and they will be able to tell you straight, whether they can assist and provide you with a quote.

Please visit them when you are in town as they are an absolute must see. They have lovely products and souvenirs that they sell. And they are one of your ‘karoofelt crafting spaces’.¬†

Get in touch with Karin Marais (Representative) 079 039 0329, or Richard Bremner (Chairperson) 0837787639 to arrange a personal tour.

Blankets from Africa

Like Karoofelt the vision for, Blankets from Africa’ was born out of a road trip through the Karoo in 2017. Its passionate founder Roslyn Bechet is a force to be reckoned with, and she has managed to create a beautiful range of handmade wool products, which cannot be found anywhere else in South Africa.

The heart¬†featured on the first ‚ÄėBlanket from Africa‚Äô is the¬†embodiment of all that lies behind this community project. The heart of these rural communities is the network of women who, with dignity of their own, strive each day to¬†provide support and warmth for their families.

Blankets from Africa provides these women with a source of income. See their beautiful range for yourself, which by the way has provided the beautiful background setting to our booties:

KarooMoon – Get your hands on this amazing, local wool!

You love merino get your hands on this unique, local wool. 

Karoo Moon prides itself in quality hand-dyed, handmade wool. The vision for this special business was birthed by Sheila Knott the mother of its current owner Judi Sheard. Her passion to create lasting change in the community of Kei Road in the Eastern Cape lead to her sharing the art of hand-dying, traditional spinning and knitting to the first employees of what was then known as Knotty Crafts.

This passion for natural yarns further grew after Judi met her husband, and they moved the business to their farm in the valley of Nieu Bethesda. Their combined love of sheep and yarns transformed Karoo Moon into what it is today: A local business with unique yarns, inspired by the natural beauty of the Karoo. 

And if you like our Starlight Baby Booties, they are made of Karoo Moon’s specialwool. From first moon to mixed moon and mini moon, KarooMoon has a lovely range to choose from. Check it out yourself:

Amazing photography – From the middle of the Karoo

Do you love the picture of the Karoo milkyway, which inspired our logo, as much as we do?

Then you just have to check out the site of Rob Southey. 

He does not only capture the essence of the Karoo in his stunning photographies, but also offers ‚ÄėKaroo Photo Tours‚Äô to explore the area and capture the beauty yourself! Enjoy the warm hospitality, farmhouse accommodation and home cooked meals.

Being a dedicated farmer, Rob will not only be able to teach you something on photography, but all the ins and outs of farmlife in this region. It will definitely be an extraordinary adventure. And if you don’t have time for that: ¬†Just order one of his amazing snapshots and enjoy it from the comfort of your couch. If you can’t come here, you can at least dream yourself to it.¬†

Check out his site: